Day… uh what day is it?

It must be Day 13.   By now I’ve found the thought of updating you on what I’ve eaten, quite dull, so I’ve considered other topics to broach while doing this instead.  I’ll just say I haven’t been sticking to the regime at all well.  We went out for dinner last night, I had a glass of wine, I had garlic bread, I had a ridiculously huge slice of carrot cake (the size was not of my choosing).  I’ve stayed away from coffee and I’m finding it quite easy now and that also means no soy.  Also I’m eating quite a bit more fruit and much less bread now.  The side effects of cravings was not one I was expecting, but I found they raged out of control last week.  I felt hungry and hangry most of the week but that’s settled down now and I’m so glad.

Ok so the carrot cake was a mistake.  I thought I’d have some cake to replace a coffee on Friday afternoon when at a cafe with my daughter after school.  But it was enormous, like maybe an eighth of a normal dinner sized plate.  I only ate half of it and asked for a doggy bag for the rest but it was so rich and buttery and I felt quite sick after eating it.  Which in some strange way I viewed as a triumph because it meant the food wasn’t agreeing with me and I would be happy not to have cake again.  I’m not trying to deny myself everything nice but simply get to a point where I can eat healthy foods and be satisfied and support my health by doing so.

The Arbonne program is intended to be taken at your own pace unlike many of the other programs which demand full and complete commitment or face judgement that you’re ‘not doing it right’!  So far I’ve received meal plans, smoothy recipes, suggestions and ideas as well as education on digestion and nourishment and that of course on top of the meal replacement, herbal teas and fizz sticks which are all helping to get on top of the issue.  I’m really starting to notice that I’m feeling less stressed about food because I know when I’m hungry that I have quite a few choices of foods to eat that will make me feel good and be good for me.  And that’s important to me right now.

In the blogs sharing experiences one of the questions I saw asked was: what habits do you have that don’t serve you?  My first response was to reject the idea that I would have habits that weren’t good for me because it sounds like a dumb thing to do to yourself.  But then I thought about the times I stay up late watching TV, just to feel like I’ve had some time to myself in the day.  The there’s the food that I eat that makes me feel sick and of course, the coffees… the short-term reward that clearly was having a long-term bad effect on my energy.  So, yeah, I have habits that don’t serve me well at all and I’m sure there are more buried deep below that I can’t dredge up right now.

For me the point is not to stick to the regime or change everything all at once but to make a difference to my health, energy and life.  I’ve tried so many things over the last three years and I can count on one hand the changes that have made noticeable differences.  Let me list them – giving up dairy, giving up wheat, giving up full-time work and finding a doctor who would listen to me and treat me with thyroid medication and now this.  If I tried to list all the things I’d tried, it’d be as long as this blog… it IS this blog!

I’m happy for now carrying on with the changes I’ve made and seeing where this leads me, because I don’t feel like I can put the lid on it and say I’m done and fixed now, but I’m certainly on a fresh path I haven’t trodden for a while.

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