Day 14: Half way through…

Half way through what?

Half way through changing my diet with the help of the Arbonne 30 days to healthy living plan and today is the first day I’ve felt a little crappy.  Oh wait, minus the pounding headache in the first week!  But today is the first day the energy hasn’t felt quite so abundant as it has been.  Last night the new cat scratched at the laundry door, waking my daughter who then came in to sleep with me for the rest of the night.  It’s been really, really hot these last few days and I think having been told that the phrase ‘under the weather’ actually comes from a phenomenon with something to do with barometric pressure, I would say this is a distinct possibility given how heavy the sky is and how close it is outside right now.  Viene la tormenta or there’s a storm coming and it will be here by nighttime.

I also had a remedial massage today involving cupping.  Not the heated fire cups but suction cups applied to the skin and ‘parked’ there for a while.  It’s supposed to increase blood flow and help the muscle regenerate in a different way from pressing on the muscles with massage.  The procedure leaves deep red marks on the skin which can look quite frightening but don’t hurt like a bruise.

So any of these things are likely to make me feel a little crappy and with all of them together, it’s not surprising that I do.  I remembered about 3:30pm that I hadn’t had a fizz stick drink yet today so I whisked one of those out and drank it, then lay on the couch for a little bit while my daughter watched after school TV.  I started to feel better quite soon.  What do they put in that stuff? Crack or something!?

I just checked the Meet the Product sheets and the fizz sticks are definitely full of vitamins and interesting stimulants like caffeine (knew that) and Guarana and Taurine, although not in huge amounts but they are definitely products I haven’t been ingesting previously to this program.

So I have to remember, it’s normal to have some down days too.  It’s just that when it happens, my fear switch is flicked, wondering if I’m headed down the path of fatigue again.  The journey has been such an up and down one that I still don’t have a clear feeling of being well and staying well.  I’m still worrying that I’ll dip again like I did earlier this year and that really scares me.

I haven’t stuck to the eating part of the program all that well either over the last couple of days, so I must get back on track with that so I’m not adding extra burden to my load right now.  Tomorrow and the next day I should have easier days with less work and more opportunity to relax a bit.  Friday is a routine visit to the hospital for a mammogram which I’m not worried about but spending your time at hospital is never really fun, especially with the terrible parking that Flinders has.  I’ll just take my computer and do some work or do some writing.  I’m trying to write 2000 words a day as part of NaNoWriMo at the moment and some days I find it really simple and other days I can’t find any time at all!

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