About Me

Doctor #1 called it post-viral fatigue and said you’ll get better eventually.  Doctor #2 called it human parvovirus B19 and said you don’t have rheumatoid arthritis.  Doctor #3 agreed parvovirus, and added glandular fever and vitamin deficiencies.  Doctor #4 called it fibromyalgia and Doctor #5 in March 2016 called it hypothyroidism.  Finally (?) Doctor #6 diagnosed it as Hashimoto’s.

That story unfolded over a year and you can read all about it here in both chronological order and painful honesty.

I started blogging hoping to connect with like-minded people or at least relieve some of the loneliness of dealing with something people don’t understand, and I achieved that.

Christmas time, 2014 was when I first came down ill and this blog traces my physical and emotional response to what I’ve been through since then.

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