I’m struggling with food again

This time is not like last year when everything tasted like metal for about a month.  No-one could really pin down what the reason was but the most likely culprit was candida overgrowth.  I couldn't even drink peppermint tea without a nasty metallic taste.  I'm sure I could find the posts where I wrote about … Continue reading I’m struggling with food again

It is worth pushing on…

Two days ago I saw a new GP from the integrative (read open minded) group.  Only because my other doctor was transferred interstate, however I was glad to have someone new to look over my history, and the result made it clear that it is worth seeking second/third/fourth opinions - if you're not satisfied with … Continue reading It is worth pushing on…


Last night at 3:30am I came across this  site while researching sugar and it's affect on our bodies. There's a heap of information online that is repetitive and scientific about how the body processes sugar but that wasn't what I was looking for. Earlier in the day I'd enjoyed a large piece of chocolate cake at … Continue reading Sugar!


Recently my GP told me that she didn't think nutrition would play a major role in my recovery.  She's wrong.  I am 100% sure.  But to be scientific I will probably conduct the same exercise I went through yesterday and see if my results are reproducible. Early on this year, I got into a fairly nihilistic phase … Continue reading Diet