Day 24: Perception of effort.

Watching Insight a few nights ago, the show featured athletes debating the topic of endurance racing, and a term stuck in my head.  ‘The perception of effort’ was described as the state of mind people can perceive whilst attempting something they think is beyond their physical limits. They develop a phase in their thinking where … Continue reading Day 24: Perception of effort.

Day Eight: Pretty good!

Today’s been pretty good and I’ve had quite a bit of extra energy.  I don’t want to claim huge results but even a 10% increase in energy for me is palpable and evident.  Only a few weeks ago in October I was napping regularly when I could during the day and relying on a coffee … Continue reading Day Eight: Pretty good!

Day Five: Tired

It’s been a long week and probably a detox program was ill-advised but here we are anyway.  I slept well last night but I’m really tired today which is probably due to the detox in part. I’ve had no trouble with coffees, have only wanted one once or twice, but the caffeine is being replaced … Continue reading Day Five: Tired