Work with it

I paused last night to question myself, how it can be that I still feel like life is rushing by when I've made so many changes to it specifically designed to allay this feeling.  How can the days seem so busy when I no longer work full-time?  And they seemed so long when I did.  For a long … Continue reading Work with it


Sometimes the thoughts come thick and fast and I'll post lots.  And then sometimes for weeks there's nothing.  The nothing usually coincides with extra illness or stress and the creativity in my brain gets shut down in favour of just getting along with every day life. Those are the least fun times. But today I woke … Continue reading Friendship


Often when I sit down to write, words just come out and I don't censor them nor hardly do more than one re-read before I post.  But like last night, looking back at the writing I realise it had nothing to do with what's actually on my mind at the moment. What's on my mind?  Time. … Continue reading os