Day 25: Free from second guessing

I’m really tired. What I think is happening now is that my body is doing a decent job of recovering and continuing to find strength and get on with life but my mind is over-worked.  It’s worrying and thinking and turning over situations, questioning everything, trying to find answers and work out what happened and … Continue reading Day 25: Free from second guessing

Taking note of hair loss (& everything!)

This week the hairdresser noticed how much thinner my hair is and showed me around the back where it's breaking away at the ends.  I've been noticing it for a while now but it seems really easy to ignore things you hope will improve and not notice how long its been going on.  Like my neighbour, … Continue reading Taking note of hair loss (& everything!)

The rise of the listicle – why is everything in list form these days?

They're easy to read Lists gives you a sense of achievement People like to see items on lists they've already completed to check them off No imagination on the part of the writers? Attention spans are ... Have you noticed they never seem to go much higher than the mid-teens?  Think about the psychology.  I've read listicles citing the three … Continue reading The rise of the listicle – why is everything in list form these days?

Another new diagnosis

Yesterday I visited the third new doctor at Integrative Health  Solutions (the other two having left shortly after I saw them!) and came away with a new term for what they think is going on with me.  HPA Axis Dysregulation. Turns out, according to the literature they gave me, it's the correct term for what people label … Continue reading Another new diagnosis

Am I a Type A?

I don't even know what the Types are, but perhaps Type A might be characterised by the obsessive googling I do in search of answers for questions, such as 'what is a Type A personality?'  And surely, the dudes behind this theory never thought it'd get picked up so widely did they, otherwise I'm sure … Continue reading Am I a Type A?