Make hay while the sun shines

I've been writing mostly in a separate diary recently, I'm trying to pour everything out.  It works sometimes to keep me writing when I don't feel like pouring it all out into the world. I've noticed I write a lot about 'I' and 'me'.  Understandable I suppose but I'm trying to find new ways to … Continue reading Make hay while the sun shines


One day…

One day I will not think about being ill anymore.  I will not worry about how many hours of sleep I have had or will get.  I won't think about the food I'm eating and wonder if it's hurting my body.  I won't have anymore blood tests and everyone will have forgotten this happened. One … Continue reading One day…

The rise of the listicle – why is everything in list form these days?

They're easy to read Lists gives you a sense of achievement People like to see items on lists they've already completed to check them off No imagination on the part of the writers? Attention spans are ... Have you noticed they never seem to go much higher than the mid-teens?  Think about the psychology.  I've read listicles citing the three … Continue reading The rise of the listicle – why is everything in list form these days?

Another new diagnosis

Yesterday I visited the third new doctor at Integrative Health  Solutions (the other two having left shortly after I saw them!) and came away with a new term for what they think is going on with me.  HPA Axis Dysregulation. Turns out, according to the literature they gave me, it's the correct term for what people label … Continue reading Another new diagnosis

My eyelids are peeling

Over the year and a half that I've been unwell I've had various symptoms, some worrying, some amusing that may or may not be related to hypothyroidism.  And the only reason I think that is my diagnosis (after post viral fatigue, human Parvovirus B19, Glandular Fever, vitamin deficiencies and Fibromyalgia) is because the thyroid medication is working.  More … Continue reading My eyelids are peeling