Get your life how you want it

One bit of advice you will receive when dealing with a chronic illness is to 'get your life how you want it'.  I first wrote about this idea here but only in brief because I hadn't tackled it yet.  And here's the thing... it's not easy.  It sounds easy.  It sounds wonderful.  But what I've discovered … Continue reading Get your life how you want it


Another new diagnosis

Yesterday I visited the third new doctor at Integrative Health  Solutions (the other two having left shortly after I saw them!) and came away with a new term for what they think is going on with me.  HPA Axis Dysregulation. Turns out, according to the literature they gave me, it's the correct term for what people label … Continue reading Another new diagnosis

My eyelids are peeling

Over the year and a half that I've been unwell I've had various symptoms, some worrying, some amusing that may or may not be related to hypothyroidism.  And the only reason I think that is my diagnosis (after post viral fatigue, human Parvovirus B19, Glandular Fever, vitamin deficiencies and Fibromyalgia) is because the thyroid medication is working.  More … Continue reading My eyelids are peeling

What’s your unwell?

This'll be a quick update - I'm having trouble with wooziness in the head and looking at computer screens doesn't help.  I expected that after a week of training, long days in a classroom environment, hotel room beds, changed diet and meeting new people I would have some repercussions but I fully expected fatigue not dizziness. … Continue reading What’s your unwell?


Sometimes you've got to work really hard to find things to congratulate yourself on during the day. Today, I set up a travel blog, something I've been wanting to do for months now. But I feel dissatisfied at the end of the day. Why? Shouldn't I congratulate myself on achieving this? Maybe it's prickling skin … Continue reading Congratulations!