Day 15: Slowing down

Ever since I ‘got sick’ nearly three years ago, I’ve been on the path and in the process of slowing down.  I remember the idea was first introduced to me by the GP who told me about it in the context of chronic fatigue.  Pacing.  It meant thinking about the amount of energy you need, … Continue reading Day 15: Slowing down

Day… uh what day is it?

It must be Day 13.   By now I’ve found the thought of updating you on what I’ve eaten, quite dull, so I’ve considered other topics to broach while doing this instead.  I’ll just say I haven’t been sticking to the regime at all well.  We went out for dinner last night, I had a … Continue reading Day… uh what day is it?


Recently my GP told me that she didn't think nutrition would play a major role in my recovery.  She's wrong.  I am 100% sure.  But to be scientific I will probably conduct the same exercise I went through yesterday and see if my results are reproducible. Early on this year, I got into a fairly nihilistic phase … Continue reading Diet