Day 27: The internet is no longer a place for information

As the month has gone on my desire to write daily has really waned and at first this bothered me but now it doesn’t.  I’m not going to make the (arbitrary) target of 50,000 words this month but I will make around 25,000.  I’ve learnt quite a bit, but I’ll save that for the last … Continue reading Day 27: The internet is no longer a place for information

Day 24: Perception of effort.

Watching Insight a few nights ago, the show featured athletes debating the topic of endurance racing, and a term stuck in my head.  ‘The perception of effort’ was described as the state of mind people can perceive whilst attempting something they think is beyond their physical limits. They develop a phase in their thinking where … Continue reading Day 24: Perception of effort.

Day Five: Tired

It’s been a long week and probably a detox program was ill-advised but here we are anyway.  I slept well last night but I’m really tired today which is probably due to the detox in part. I’ve had no trouble with coffees, have only wanted one once or twice, but the caffeine is being replaced … Continue reading Day Five: Tired


November is going to be about changing stuff.  Changing habits, changing diets, changing thought patterns... because none of them are really working for me.  They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result right? Time after time, I have attempted to change my habits and even though I … Continue reading Change

Not one direction?

When I got sick, coming up on 3 years ago now, my life was hijacked and became about recovering and mis-understanding my recovery and confusion.  The process of looking for what was wrong, trying different approaches and recognising what I could and couldn't do, left me quite directionless as far as work, relationships and achievement … Continue reading Not one direction?