Day 25: Free from second guessing

I’m really tired. What I think is happening now is that my body is doing a decent job of recovering and continuing to find strength and get on with life but my mind is over-worked.  It’s worrying and thinking and turning over situations, questioning everything, trying to find answers and work out what happened and … Continue reading Day 25: Free from second guessing

An update on me

One thing I can say for sure, since I've been taking the thyroid hormone liothyronine sodium (Tertroxin) is that I have been able to do more in my day.  I don't exactly have more energy, but less fatigue and a feeling of being able to achieve more.  I'm up and down though and I'm not … Continue reading An update on me

A year of Fever

It must be almost a year to the day that I first came down with an illness that gave me headaches, sore throat, burning skin, full body rash and finally resulted in waking on Christmas Day to painfully swollen feet, ankles and hands.  I started the day unbelievably tired and struggled to walk on my … Continue reading A year of Fever