Day Two: Not much to report I’m afraid

I kept to the same pattern today.  Breakfast with eggs, detox tea around 11ish, shake and fibre boost for lunch, lots of herbal teas, fizz stick at 4ish and dinner by 6.  I have had trouble saying no to the bread though… I had 2 bits of toast with breakfast and garlic bread with dinner, … Continue reading Day Two: Not much to report I’m afraid

Day One:Fail

Starting the Arbonne 30 days to healthy living plan today was to include giving up alcohol, caffeine, dairy, wheat, sugar - all the stuff we know isn’t great for you - and I’d taken the plan literally, intending to have 2 supplement shakes and keep my ‘healthy’ meal to share with my daughter in the … Continue reading Day One:Fail


November is going to be about changing stuff.  Changing habits, changing diets, changing thought patterns... because none of them are really working for me.  They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result right? Time after time, I have attempted to change my habits and even though I … Continue reading Change

Not one direction?

When I got sick, coming up on 3 years ago now, my life was hijacked and became about recovering and mis-understanding my recovery and confusion.  The process of looking for what was wrong, trying different approaches and recognising what I could and couldn't do, left me quite directionless as far as work, relationships and achievement … Continue reading Not one direction?

Straight lines

Today I read a quote about creativity ... "The creative process does not travel in straight lines. It thrives in the undefined spaces in between." and the idea resonated with me and my experience of recovery.  It 'aint a straight line! Some days you feel good and think you're getting better, the next day you … Continue reading Straight lines

Stop the madness!

I'm feeling pretty lucky.  It's been almost 2 weeks since I adjusted the thyroid medications (see last post) and I'm continuing to feel pretty good.  I still have some odd complaints, aches in my hip and back and my hands are usually still achey in the mornings but I'm sleeping really well and waking up … Continue reading Stop the madness!

Things I will do once I’m better

Im my collating past results and re-reading posts, so far it’s been all downhill… Here I am 8 months in, almost 2 years ago, with a list of things I hope to do when I’m better and I now can, although I’m not completely better. This is encouraging.

What's wrong with me?

It’s felt like a very long time, this last 8 months and I know (or hope) that one day this too, will have passed and we can all look back with ‘gosh, remember that year I was so sick?’.  Fingers crossed!

When I’m all fixed I will:

Take my daughter to the zoo to pat the quokkas

Go out for dinner with adults, at night time!

Visit my friends for coffee

Walk to work and back (it’s only 10 minutes)

Clean my house myself

Walk to the beach with my daughter

Its not a massive list of requests!  A quite reasonable one I think, it’s not like I’m a professional dancer and want to begin training daily.  Sometimes I wonder how sick I am below the surface, particularly when I have a reaction like the last few days to some vacuuming and tidying.  My life and expectations have been slowly lowering…

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