Taking note of hair loss (& everything!)

This week the hairdresser noticed how much thinner my hair is and showed me around the back where it's breaking away at the ends.  I've been noticing it for a while now but it seems really easy to ignore things you hope will improve and not notice how long its been going on.  Like my neighbour, … Continue reading Taking note of hair loss (& everything!)


It's not been an easy week, for some reason.  I've needed long naps a couple of times ( yes I know, after mentioning I didn't need them anymore). Sometimes it's hard to work out where to place the blame.  The 5 year old still comes in most nights and interrupts my sleep, sometimes she sleeps well … Continue reading Reminders

Is it ok?

I haven't posted in 3 months and that's a shame because now I can't easily look back and recognise what's been going on.  The doctor upped one of my medications back at the end of January and suggested an appointment for June, giving me the impression it was all going to get better.  I now … Continue reading Is it ok?

The Google Cycle

What is it about the New Year that gets you looking into new paths and options?  The promise of a simple date change bringing new possibilities, fresh pathways and better results? I woke this morning with a really sore neck.  It's been like this for about a month now I think.  I've been ignoring it, assuming … Continue reading The Google Cycle


So I visited the new doctor (because the other was banned from prescribing Thyroid medication - see previous post) and he analysed my blood results as being 'overcooked'.  Thyroxin has been reduced by a three-quarters and Eutroxsig reduced to half.  So I now take 2 halves of a tablet each day and have had to buy … Continue reading Overcooked


The introduction of Levothyroxine to my system, known as Eutroxsig here in Australia has made the biggest change to my health.  I no longer feel as tired when I wake, my energy levels throughout the day are better.  My mind feels sharper and the pain in both my hip and shoulder has lessened on most … Continue reading Ambition