Where am I?

Back in June I made some changes to my medications, specifically the time of day I took the T3 and T4, which helped.  I suffered less fatigue, slept better, less brain fog and I thought 'This is it!  I've found out what's wrong with me and this is when I finally get better!'. But since … Continue reading Where am I?

Hey! Fever…

It's that annoying time of the year when the days are getting longer, the sun is rising earlier and I'm waking up at ridiculous times again.  We should be rejoicing as spring comes but this winter is really hanging on and being a pain in the butt.  This time last year we were well into … Continue reading Hey! Fever…


At 40, I was dealt an opportunity to get off the merry-go-round. To halt the meaningless pursuits of my life, to say goodbye to a job that preached endlessly about reward and recognition but didn't recognise me when I was down. To take stock, slow down and recognise and value what was important. It was … Continue reading bending

If this is de-stressing, why does it feel so uncomfortable?

Stress.  I've always thought of it as something business-men get (yes the men was intentional there).  I imagine white collars with ties pulled down from the neck, sweating, waving papers about.  That's stress. People have thrown about the term 'stressed out' for years.  Tired and emotional was always a euphemism for drunk and 'suffering from … Continue reading If this is de-stressing, why does it feel so uncomfortable?

Another new diagnosis

Yesterday I visited the third new doctor at Integrative Health  Solutions (the other two having left shortly after I saw them!) and came away with a new term for what they think is going on with me.  HPA Axis Dysregulation. Turns out, according to the literature they gave me, it's the correct term for what people label … Continue reading Another new diagnosis