The fault in our Cinnamon

And there it was, quite obviously in front of me all that time.  You know how the iPhones  create index pages of Safari browsers so you can keep them loaded whilst browsing on another (maybe you don't?).  Sometimes they get so ridiculously stacked up with TED talks and links that I want to read, that I just go … Continue reading The fault in our Cinnamon

Day 5 without Dairy – is lightheadedness normal?

I had a normal day, nothing unusual, worked, made dinner and was about to bath the little one when 'whammy!' the lightheadedness began.  I'm describing it as such because I didn't see or feel the room turning and I didn't fall over but I felt it coming.  I just started to feel like I'd prefer … Continue reading Day 5 without Dairy – is lightheadedness normal?