What’s your unwell?

This'll be a quick update - I'm having trouble with wooziness in the head and looking at computer screens doesn't help.  I expected that after a week of training, long days in a classroom environment, hotel room beds, changed diet and meeting new people I would have some repercussions but I fully expected fatigue not dizziness. … Continue reading What’s your unwell?

An update on me

One thing I can say for sure, since I've been taking the thyroid hormone liothyronine sodium (Tertroxin) is that I have been able to do more in my day.  I don't exactly have more energy, but less fatigue and a feeling of being able to achieve more.  I'm up and down though and I'm not … Continue reading An update on me

A new diagnosis

Actually I've never had a definite diagnosis before so this is A diagnosis. The Christmas break and some annual leave gave me time to think and to notice adverse reactions to food and alcohol.  I came to the conclusion this is enough now. In my endless searching online last year I had come across a … Continue reading A new diagnosis