Hard edges

Being a parent gives you hard edges.  With my 4 year old we're at the stage where I'm telling her off every few minutes.  You almost couldn't script it better with things I never thought I'd need to say like 'don't touch that, put that down, sit up straight, don't throw that there, pick that up, I'm not … Continue reading Hard edges

Soy? Is it poison?

For some reason as I wrote that question I heard it asked in my mind like Adele's song Hello... Somehow gives the question a seriousness as well as makes me giggle.  So here I am drinking a soy flat white (half strength as I'm trying to cut down on everything it seems) after a 5 day abstinence mainly … Continue reading Soy? Is it poison?

Am I a Type A?

I don't even know what the Types are, but perhaps Type A might be characterised by the obsessive googling I do in search of answers for questions, such as 'what is a Type A personality?'  And surely, the dudes behind this theory never thought it'd get picked up so widely did they, otherwise I'm sure … Continue reading Am I a Type A?

Glandular Fever

I just read this... “Post viral fatigue” is caused by a number of different viruses & happens when you don’t rest enough during the initial phase. Fuck, fuck, fuckity FUCK! Wish someone had told me sooner!  Oh, whatever, I quite possibly wouldn't have taken any notice. The 'it doesn't matter if I keep pushing myself, … Continue reading Glandular Fever