Not one direction?

When I got sick, coming up on 3 years ago now, my life was hijacked and became about recovering and mis-understanding my recovery and confusion.  The process of looking for what was wrong, trying different approaches and recognising what I could and couldn't do, left me quite directionless as far as work, relationships and achievement … Continue reading Not one direction?

Letting the thoughts out of the box

In a recent spate of spring cleaning, or more accurately 'any-season minimising' the amount of stuff I have, I opened a box that I had assumed contained baby clothes.  I knew I'd had trouble with the idea of throwing away my daughters clothes from her first year.  As she's grown the clothes have become less important but … Continue reading Letting the thoughts out of the box


Two phrases have stuck with me recently. #1. Get your life how you want it I watched a 5 minute doco tonight on the 7:30 Report featuring a farmer who when drought forced him to lease his property, started creating sculptures from spanners.  Yes, that's right, spanners.  And they are quite beautiful.  Here's a link to check … Continue reading Phraseology

There doesn't seem enough hours in the day anymore.  There's not enough warmth.  There's no recovery in my muscles or relief from aches and pains. I found it hard to switch gears today. From holiday to doctors to work to primary school interviews tomorrow. I don't want to do any of it anymore.  I'm stuck … Continue reading