Dumb analogies

This may be the dumbest analogy you've ever read but it dawned on me today that managing recovery from a long-term illness is like handling a child's diet... Bear with me... My 4-year-old does not like vegetables - which 4 year old does? - and trying to get them into her diet is torturous for … Continue reading Dumb analogies

It is worth pushing on…

Two days ago I saw a new GP from the integrative (read open minded) group.  Only because my other doctor was transferred interstate, however I was glad to have someone new to look over my history, and the result made it clear that it is worth seeking second/third/fourth opinions - if you're not satisfied with … Continue reading It is worth pushing on…

PJ livin’

Today I didn't leave the house, except a few short steps to the bin or to water some pot plants.  The whole day I achieved the following: (not in order) Made pancakes for breakfast, researched the history of the Internet for a writing assignment, completed the writing assignment, looked after a poorly child, confirmed a … Continue reading PJ livin’


I've been putting off writing this entry, since I returned from the naturopath.  I've had to take some time to consider the news and advice, undertaken some research and yes it seems true, I have been poisoned by arsenic. Not in a 'It was Mr Jones, in the Library with a hammer' kind of way, … Continue reading Poison