Day 25: Free from second guessing

I’m really tired. What I think is happening now is that my body is doing a decent job of recovering and continuing to find strength and get on with life but my mind is over-worked.  It’s worrying and thinking and turning over situations, questioning everything, trying to find answers and work out what happened and … Continue reading Day 25: Free from second guessing

This is a big, fat drag!

It's a little bit funny...all these feelings inside... Ok so I've borrowed that from the start of an Elton John song.  I've woken up early this morning (5:37am) dead tired, sore neck still - it's been almost 3 months now - and wondered to myself where to from here? Just over 2 years ago, I got … Continue reading This is a big, fat drag!


I've just returned from a warm getaway to an icy cold house in winter and it's left me feeling annoyed.  I did this a month or so ago and was left with a nicer feeling that I'm trying to tap into now.  Perhaps this time it's just a much colder return?  Perhaps winter has just … Continue reading Now