Day 19: Sabotage

I seem unable to stick to any plan especially when it involves limiting myself, or what I perceive as limiting.  Today I went to a kids party and was offered a coffee and said yes. Right after I’d finished a fizz stick drink (containing caffeine) and I was standing at a hot, steamy indoor public … Continue reading Day 19: Sabotage

Day 18: Income protection

For the past almost 6 months I’ve been struggling to come to terms with life insurance and income protection. I guess I mention this because it’s been an unpleasant process, talking about how much money you think you might need to provide for your child if you were to become totally and permanently incapacitated. Probably … Continue reading Day 18: Income protection

The Google Cycle

What is it about the New Year that gets you looking into new paths and options?  The promise of a simple date change bringing new possibilities, fresh pathways and better results? I woke this morning with a really sore neck.  It's been like this for about a month now I think.  I've been ignoring it, assuming … Continue reading The Google Cycle