Dumb analogies

This may be the dumbest analogy you've ever read but it dawned on me today that managing recovery from a long-term illness is like handling a child's diet... Bear with me... My 4-year-old does not like vegetables - which 4 year old does? - and trying to get them into her diet is torturous for … Continue reading Dumb analogies

Diagnosis #6…or is it #7?

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis... The third doctor at the new centre (since the beginning, 18 months ago, she's the 6th) ran a range of blood tests which showed antibodies to my own thyroid.  They were reported as in the 'normal range' which is a term I've come to know well and distrust.  My T3 and T4 levels … Continue reading Diagnosis #6…or is it #7?

Hard edges

Being a parent gives you hard edges.  With my 4 year old we're at the stage where I'm telling her off every few minutes.  You almost couldn't script it better with things I never thought I'd need to say like 'don't touch that, put that down, sit up straight, don't throw that there, pick that up, I'm not … Continue reading Hard edges


Sometimes you've got to work really hard to find things to congratulate yourself on during the day. Today, I set up a travel blog, something I've been wanting to do for months now. But I feel dissatisfied at the end of the day. Why? Shouldn't I congratulate myself on achieving this? Maybe it's prickling skin … Continue reading Congratulations!


Often when I sit down to write, words just come out and I don't censor them nor hardly do more than one re-read before I post.  But like last night, looking back at the writing I realise it had nothing to do with what's actually on my mind at the moment. What's on my mind?  Time. … Continue reading os


It's 8:30pm on a Friday night and I'm fatigued.  I was going to write exhausted but I feel like that expression should come with strenuous activity, and I haven't done any. Let's see, what have I done this week?  Said no to a promising new job because of the 4-day induction training course in Sydney.  Said no … Continue reading Rambles