Dumb analogies

This may be the dumbest analogy you’ve ever read but it dawned on me today that managing recovery from a long-term illness is like handling a child’s diet…

Bear with me…

My 4-year-old does not like vegetables – which 4 year old does? – and trying to get them into her diet is torturous for both of us.  I’ve tried all the sneaky approaches but she flat-out refuses to eat new foods that she has not tried before, unless they look like chips and smell like chips.  Even then, fish fingers, which have both attributes were swiftly ditched after a tiny 1cm square sample.

Anyway, this is not a mummy-blog, so I’m going to spare you the detailed description of my daughters food intake, but after a long drawn out conversation about what would be eaten tonight ‘How about fish fingers? I don’t want fish fingers, I want fish.  Well they pretty much are fish.  No I want real fish.  Well I don’t have any.  I’m not eating fish fingers, I want fish’. Both exhausted we settled on oven cooked chips.  Not nutritional at all – hence you see why I do not write a mummy-blog – but the point, and my dumb analogy is getting a child to adopt vegetables into their diet takes about as much time and effort it takes to get yourself better when you have been ill for a long time.  The visits to doctors, the blood tests, the have you tried this‘s?  Managing the confusion, the disappointment and the set backs.  You need to encourage yourself like you would a child, be prepared for anger, denial and refusal.  False starts, questioning and arguing.  Albeit all with yourself instead of a child.

I don’t know, now I’ve written this it seems dumber but I just know that I felt the same feelings dealing with her tonight as I have dealing with myself after a year and a half of being ill.

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