If change feels like fear, what does acceptance feel like?

It should feel like peace shouldn’t it?

Accepting the situation I’m in, should feel good, relaxing and calming.  But it feels like sadness.

Reading the Existentialists philosophy of which I have hardly read any more than this quote below tells me that no matter what you do you will experience regrets either way and that labouring over a choice is probably a waste of time.  Spend your time considering the options but then make your choice and expect the regret.  Perhaps this might also be known as ‘the universe testing your resolve’ as modern pseudo-philosophy is fond of claiming that as soon as you make a decision, the opposite path can appear easier/more appealing.  This seems to be at odds with another suggestion that as soon as you make a choice the universe (who is this bloody universe?) conspires to make it happen.  If that’s’ the case, I’d like a serve of Pad Thai and a glass of wine delivered by a hot man thanks….


still waiting…

Is universe on other projects?

“The Existentialists offer us a useful corrective to the normal, pernicious view that choice might be easy. A Kierkegaardian approach should never be a first move, but once we’ve done our best to pick wisely, the philosophy usefully tempers the modern sentimental notion that we could potentially have it all and that perfect choice is within reach. That you suffer from the agony of choice isn’t an anomaly. It’s one of the most interesting and predictable things about being alive.”



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