Detective work

I haven’t written for a week because I’ve been busy getting myself prepared for leaving work.  Not for long, but for 3 months I’ve been granted the ability to almost completely work from home, which fills me with such relief.

I do wish it could have come earlier because the last 2 weeks have been quite tough with lots of new or returned symptoms of fatigue, head aches, stomach complaints and excessive sleeping – on Tuesday night I slept from 11 till 9:45am and was still tired all day after that!

I have been taking some new supplements – liver enzymes – which as far as I can tell are ‘working’ and by working I mean my stomach no longer gurgles to wake the dead every time I eat.

I feel like there is some answer in the food I’m eating.  Actually that seems to be the only avenue I can attack right now so I am going to try and tackle the minefield of finding out about FODMAPs, Low GI, Low Histamine, nightshade and of course no dairy and no wheat diets.

It’s enough to make you feel tired.




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